Training Classes Available

General Excavation, Inc. is committed to providing safe working conditions for our employees and clients, and requires all employees to know and utilize proper work practices throughout their daily tasks.

General Excavation, Inc. periodically conducts VDOT Intermediate Work Zone Supervisor and Traffic Control training classes in our Warrenton office. If your company performs work within the VDOT “right of way”, new regulations require that there must be at least one certified Work Zone Supervisor on the job any time work is being performed in a work zone. The two day course will train your employees to design, implement, and supervise temporary traffic controls in VDOT work zones. All course materials will be provided, and upon successful completion of the course and written exam, a certificate will be issued.

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There are are no classes currently scheduled, however we are making a list of those people interested, and will schedule a class once we have enough participants.

If you are interested in attending this training, please contact our Safety Director, Harry Newlin, at (540) 439-2202 for further details.